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Kalpitiya in the west coast of Sri Lanka is becoming a popular destination among the tourists who are interested in dolphin and whale watching. You can watch these amazing creatures in their natural habitat off the coast of Kalipinya in Sri Lanka.

Kalpitiya is a peninsula that separates the Puthlam lagoon from the Indian Ocean. Beautiful beaches, uninhabited islands and scenic beauty attract visitors of all ages.

If you are planning to watch dolphin and whales in Kalpitiya, You have to visit between Novembers to April when the sea off Kalpitiya is calm.

There are many tour operators that arrange boat safari for dolphin and whale watching. Boats leave in the morning and return in the afternoon, and a trip takes about 5 hours. An experienced guide will explain you about the area and the behavior of dolphins and whales.

You will find different types of dolphins such as Spinner dolphins, Bottlenose, Risso and Humpback dolphins. A spinner dolphin, which is popular in their acrobatic dance, is regularly spotted in Kalpitiya area.

You can watch dolphins jump above the water, dive under the boat, and fallow the wake of your boats. As they are living as a group, you will see them in thousands. It is an interesting and life long experience to see them closer in their own territory.

You have to take sunscreen, hat and long sleeves to protect from the sun and the wind, and it makes your trip comfortable.

Kalpitiya is an ideal place to watch dolphin and whale at a close distance. Make sure to visit Kalpitiya during your next visit for whale and dolphin watching.

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